Thursday, July 3, 2008

Introductory and testing first post

Hello there, whoever reads this!
I've started this blog to collect my dilluted and unorganized programming and general computer knowledge. I'm not a full time programmer and all of my coding skills were self-taught. There are long periods of time when I'm not coding and having bad memory this causes me to forget anything I've ever known. After a year without programming I usually even forget the basic language commands and syntax.
This site is dedicated to preserving some of my present knowledge for future reference by anybody who may be interested in it.
I've a long history of programming languages including Basic, Pascal, C/C++, Matlab and, more recently, Python.
I'm currently a scientist-in-training and I've found Matlab to be a very fine and powerful tool. Unfortunately the price is quite prohibitive for occasionally used software and for random playing. I believe Python is a very good replacement of Matlab (at least for most of my purposes) and recommend it to anyone who might appreciate simple syntax, fast development and high portability. In connection with some add-on modules like SciPy I believe it can compete with Matlab on even grounds.
As a sideline I also intend to use this blog to learn some web-creating skills.
That'll be all for now.

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